Thursday, April 25, 2013

Vision Of Who You Want To Be

As young kid you have a vision of who you want to be. You think of yourself as a doctor, a teacher, an astronaut, a vet, a painter, a singer...a singer painter :) pretty much anything possible that you could be.  We feel invincible   We feel confident that we can do anything we set our minds to. But there comes a point somewhere down the line, when we suddenly have a change of mind.  We begin to think "there is no way I can become an artist I can hardly draw a simple stick figure," and other similar thoughts.  We begin to compare ourselves with others who may be talented in other areas that we are weaker in. Instead of building ourselves up we tear ourselves down.  Instead of being our greatest hero, we become our greatest enemy.

Why should we give up a vision of something that we have always wanted to accomplish just because someone else can do it better. Who cares if it will take you twice as long to learn the material and get through school.  Who cares how old your are, how pretty you are on the outside or how much better someone else is at the talent you have.  We are all different and that difference shouldn't stop you from reaching your dreams.

After having my daughter, for me life seemed to be put on hold for a time.  I didn't feel like I could accomplish anything that I wanted to do.  My life was revolved totally around my husband and my daughter and I thought that what I wanted wasn't important, it's taking care of my family that is most important.  But I learned that this was simply not true.  Yes, I needed to take care of my family, but I also needed to take care of myself.

I have dreams and things that I want to accomplish and I found something that I am very passionate about and I felt so excited and so happy with myself when I decided to make some changes in my life. I made a vision board and on that board I have put pictures and goals of things that I want to accomplish. In doing this I am going to make these possible for myself no matter how hard or simple they may be.  For example, I want to be certified as a Stress Management Consultant. So to accomplish this I am doing some training as well as going back to school to major in Human Development and Family Studies, so I can understand and help people a lot better.

I have changed the way I think about myself and have moved forward and will continue to move forward to reach my vision. Each one of us has a vision of who we want to be. So why not look at yourself in a different light and take those opportunities to become that person, your greatest hero! :)


  1. Such a wonderful blogpost. I love the quote that put. We forget that we have wings when we look at other people confidently flying about, we are afraid that we may not be as good as them, and so we never try. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful thought!

  2. No one should lose sight of their vision but sometimes life can get in it's way.

    1. Yes life can get in the way, but the key is finding your way back and realizing how important those dreams really are and doing everything you can to reach those dreams!

  3. This is ver inspirational. I did Q for quotes and looked at inspirational quotes. My motto dream big, enjoy life :)

  4. Whatever phase of life I'm in, I think about what other thing (I love) that I could be doing. It's crazy! I need to appreciate the phase I'm IN more.
    from The Dugout