Wednesday, April 3, 2013


When you are single and dating the thought crosses your mind that you would one day like to have children.  But once married many couples hesitate to make that decision.  Yes, it is a big one, but it is the best decision you will ever make.
Children bring a whole new perspective on life.  When Travis and I had decided  to start our family we were nervous, but we knew that we needed to bring some special spirits into our home.  Yes, there was the worry of not being financially stable or not being a good parent or what if we loose the baby, etc, but
when our daughter was born, we had a feeling come over us that was unlike any other we had had before.  Our worries and fears left us and even though we had struggles at the time, we knew everything would be okay. 
 Emree is the greatest blessing we have ever had in our lives. She brightens every day with her beautiful smile and laughter.  Truly, she is a miracle!  Every little baby born to this earth is a miracle! You are a miracle! What a blessing it is to have children in the home.  There is no better joy than this! 


  1. Agree with you for all 100%. I feel the same for my baby boy

  2. I can't say I agree that worries and fears leave when you bring a child into this world; it really seems the opposite. You have a huge responsibility you didn't have before. I don't know anyone who feels like everything is going to be ok, all the conversations I remember were the opposite...more to be concerned about.

    I will say it's the biggest high..ever, they grow up too fast, and I always feel sad for kids and parents that don't get along.


    1. I just want to add one little thing to my blog here.
      As a young mother, when I was pregnant I heard endless negativity about how hard life is when you have a baby, how you will never sleep again, how hard life is financially, etc, etc, etc. It was really hard to be excited about having children, but then I heard a sweet young mother in my neighborhood express her love and excitement for having a family. She saw it as a joy to have children in the home. Yes it may be hard and may be tough at times, but as I said in my first blog of this challenge, it is all about your attitude! It's all about finding joy in the life you have, with the people you have it with! :)

  3. My kids are my greatest accomplishments in my life. I completely agree.

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