Friday, April 12, 2013


We are a people who like to help others, but sometimes we forget that even the people closest to us need our help.  Whether it be our neighbors or a family member, we all are in need of a friend and someone who truly cares, especially when we are struggling.  I believe it is important to take every opportunity to help those around us whether you may think they need help or not and whether you know them or not.  It takes a simple act of kindness without hesitation that can make all of the difference in the lives around us.

When I was pregnant with my little girl, I was struggling being in a new place where I had no friends. I felt incredibly alone and felt that no one really cared about me. After having my daughter I became very sick and it has been a consistent event ever since.  The whole time I just needed to know someone cared.There were times where I wished that someone, anyone would take the time to just stop by and talk to me or come by and show me they really cared.  All I wanted was a friend and though I was trying my best to be a friend to others, it was hard to make friends feeling the way that I did.  Being in a place that I didn't know too many people and they didn't really know me, really made things difficult. Even the people who tried to come in contact with me, I felt that they didn't really show much interest in getting to know me.

It was a hard trial for me, but I learned a great lesson from it all.  I have always been one to take the initiative and talk to others and make sure they feel loved, but there came a point where I wished someone would do that for me.  I just wanted someone to show me kindness the way that I try to show them, but I found that that was not going to happen. In showing kindness people tend to hesitate and wait for someone else, but waiting does nothing. That was hard for me to realize, especially when I needed a friend most through a lot of sickness and loneliness.

I challenge you all to come out of your box and find someone in your neighborhood and show a bit of kindness no matter how big or small that kindness may be and no matter how well you know the person. You have no idea how much a little kindness can make all the difference to one person!!  We all need a friend, someone who understands and will listen! I hope you can be that kind of person!

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