Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Emree's 360

Yesterday, Emree and I were playing around on the floor.  She rolled from her back to her tummy as usual and I waited for her to try once more moving from her tummy to her back.  I wasn't expecting her to do it this time although I still cheered her on hoping that maybe today would be the day.  And you know what happened? Today was that day! Emree successfully did a 360...Hurray!! She was rolling all over the place once she figured that out! I felt so proud of her in that moment watching her learn.  As I was reading my scriptures a thought came to me, "this must be how Heavenly Father feels about us."

When we work and struggle to do something Heavenly Father watches, helps and encourages us to press forward until the day when we finally get it.  He is just as happy for us and we are for ourselves, maybe even more so.  That's why we feel so good after we do something good such as a service.  The holy ghost shares with us the feelings of our father as we accomplish good deeds and work to achieve hard things.

What a neat thought that is!  I am learning so much about my Father in Heaven by being a parent. It's amazing how much closer I feel to him while raising my own family. I love my family so very, very much! When times get hard I look around at my sweet husband and at our little daughter Emree and think "I am so happy!" There is no need to fear when we are together learning, serving, and growing! What a blessing it is to be here and to be surrounded by those you love!

Monday, March 18, 2013

I Am Divine!!

 I learned an important lesson over the past few months.  This lesson is one I've learned many times, but for the first time in a long time I was reminded to look inside myself and see my divine potential and purpose.

As women we tend to put ourselves down to tell ourselves we are not good enough.  I recently read an article from another blog called "Drops of Awesome."In this article she expresses that each time you do something good no matter how big or small it may be, that you give yourself a drop of awesome! For example, picking up a bubble gum rapper off the street that you have seen a million times...drop of awesome.    Clean up a dirty rag that's been sitting out for two days...drop of awesome.  Sending a friendly message to your neighbor...drop of awesome.  Sharing a smile with a stranger...drop of awesome! The list goes on and on.  But we tend to forget about these little acts that we do each day expecting ourselves to be perfect when simply we are not.  Once we've accomplished something good we back it up by saying things like "well I've never done that before. Why does that make me any better then yesterday?"

We as daughters of a Heavenly Father need to remember our divine nature as women.  We shouldn't tear ourselves down.  I know I have been a victim of this very act often.  I realized that I look at myself almost daily and tell myself that I am not good enough.  That yeah I may have done one good act of service today, but will that make me any better tomorrow?  These words should not be said.  It is self abuse! That is exactly what Satan targets.  He targets women in such way that we look at ourselves and say "I am not good enough." This is how he breaks a family and tears a family apart by targeting the most important part of the family, the mother.

The world has many ideas of what a women should be and what a woman should look like.  But what the world does not know is what a woman is on the inside, her divine nature.  That is not important to the media, to marketing or advertising companies.  I've noticed lately that every where I go I feel like all anyone can talk about is clothing, make-up, exercise, how each other looks and how we can look better.  For me and my family all our money goes into just trying to make it through another month with food and clothing that we have. I don't have the money to go out and spend on frivolous things that I would love to have.  I don't have the means to get a new wardrobe so in turn Satan backfires that aspect of life on me and while it seems others are shopping and getting new clothes and accessories for their home and such, I begin to feel like I need more.  Like I need a better wardrobe to feel good about myself or to make my home a place where others will feel comfortable I need to add to my home.

I'm noticing with the people around me that there is so much that everyone wants.  It's like we need more and more to be happy.  But I am learning that this is not the case.  My mother and father in-law have gone throughout their whole life together with very little money and yet they have so much.  They have what is really important.  A loving family and great memories that will last forever.  But especially what I have learned from all of this is that it is important to be grateful for the things that you have and especially to remember who you are and what your divine purpose is on this earth.

It's not about the "stuff," It's not about what you look like on the outside, it is what you are on the inside that really matters.  I know that has been said a million times, but it is true.  There is so much more to one person then what is on the outside.  If we just take the time to look at one another as daughters and sons of a loving Father in Heaven, there will be no need to tear each other down.  You wouldn't yell at someone on the road if you knew who they were so why not think of everyone like you already know them.

Think of yourself as a daughter or son of God.  Remember it is he who really matters. I don't know about you, but instead of thinking "what will everyone else think of me?" I want to think "What does my Father in Heaven think of me?"

We are all divine and have a divine purpose in this life.  When we feel that we are less and have nothing to give. Remember we are not perfect, that is why we have a Savior.  When we are giving all that we have, when we are giving ourselves those drops of awesome, when we are doing everything we can to be perfected in him, he knows we are doing our best and that is good enough.  When we have done all we can, he will fill in the rest. Remember to give yourself those drops of awesome.  Remember who you are!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Money, Money, Money

Money seems to be the thing we all want.  Some of us are blessed with an endless abundance of it and others not so much.  But we all want it.  Is it really that important though?  Is it necessary to survive? Does having money really make us happier?

I have asked myself these questions many times.  Finances are not my forte.  I sure do get stressed out over money management and such, but the thing I always try to remember when I start feeling that way is that money is nothing to God. We can survive without it. Many people in the world do and are still very happy.  My Dad has always told me that "you will never be poor."  Compared to those in other countries I could not be poorer than they.  The happiest of people are those who have no money, but a roof over their heads nonetheless.  Having money does not make you happy.  But having love and family does.

When we ask for bread he will not give us stone (Matt 7:9). In the stresses of the world of finances, this is a very good reminder that when we are struggling not only with money, but in any aspect of life, if we ask the lord for something he will give us what we need.  I have seen this many times in my life.  There have been times where I have wondered where we would get the money to take care of the things we need and every time we ask the lord he takes care of us in some way or another. He does not want us to suffer, he already did that for us.  The lord knows what we need and all we need to do is ask for help and he will give it.