Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Emree's 360

Yesterday, Emree and I were playing around on the floor.  She rolled from her back to her tummy as usual and I waited for her to try once more moving from her tummy to her back.  I wasn't expecting her to do it this time although I still cheered her on hoping that maybe today would be the day.  And you know what happened? Today was that day! Emree successfully did a 360...Hurray!! She was rolling all over the place once she figured that out! I felt so proud of her in that moment watching her learn.  As I was reading my scriptures a thought came to me, "this must be how Heavenly Father feels about us."

When we work and struggle to do something Heavenly Father watches, helps and encourages us to press forward until the day when we finally get it.  He is just as happy for us and we are for ourselves, maybe even more so.  That's why we feel so good after we do something good such as a service.  The holy ghost shares with us the feelings of our father as we accomplish good deeds and work to achieve hard things.

What a neat thought that is!  I am learning so much about my Father in Heaven by being a parent. It's amazing how much closer I feel to him while raising my own family. I love my family so very, very much! When times get hard I look around at my sweet husband and at our little daughter Emree and think "I am so happy!" There is no need to fear when we are together learning, serving, and growing! What a blessing it is to be here and to be surrounded by those you love!

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