Tuesday, February 19, 2013

To be Humble?

Yesterday Travis and I were talking and the subject of humility came up. Travis posed the question what is humility? What does it mean to be humble?  Christ was humble and how is it that a man who is so humble could say such powerful things? He knew who he was and yet humility was in his character.
Often times our definition of being humble isn't really humility.  Some may say if I don't talk myself up then I am humble. Another person may receive comments about their wardrobe such as "I like your shoes" and in response will say "I know. Aren't they awesome?!" In that person's mind humility is expressing knowledge instead of giving a simple "Thank You."
It's hard to fully comprehend what humility really is.  It takes a lifetime to fully grasp that knowledge.  With the thoughts of yesterday we came up with a few ideas of what humility may really be.
Humility doesn't mean you tell yourself you are no good.  It is having confidence in yourself and knowing you have talents without pointing them out to others.  Tearing yourself down is not humility, but building yourself up is. Expressing gratitude by saying thank you often and expressing appreciation to others is another example of humility. Travis reminds me often that I am beautiful and at times I tend to reply with "eh...it's not what I was hoping for." He tells me "just simply reply with a thank you."
We all are striving to becoming more like Christ. That's what we're here for and what a great thing humility is. Until yesterday it never clicked in my mind that humility is so much more then I could ever comprehend. So I pose the question to you what is humility?