Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Gratitude for Myself

I recently had a fun assignment to do for a class called "mind mapping."  You make a symbol in the middle of a piece of paper that has to do with your life and you write words and draw pictures of things to go along with your life right now branching off of it.  It's a good way to work with both sides of your brain, the logical side and artistic side. :) 

Anyway, I first started out by drawing a symbol of music.  That was something I have really loved to do for most of my life, but I realized that that is not me right now.  So I changed it to another aspect of my life.  The point to this story is that I realized something important.  I realized that I am starting to understand who I am.

Let me explain, so a while ago I learned about this system called Energy Profiling or Dressing Your Truth.  At first I was skeptical and wasn't so sure about it, but I found myself beginning to understand more and feel better about myself as I learned more.  So I continued exploring.  It came to the point where I couldn't stop learning and finally got the actual course so I could learn more.

In my journey with DYT I have recognized that I have hidden so much of myself from myself.  I have convinced myself of things that I wanted to be rather than who I was and not being true to myself.  As we were driving in our car on our way home one night, it finally clicked.  Yes, I have a great love for music and for a long time I thought, "this is who I am."  But in reality it's not.  Music is a big part of me, but my love and passion is for people.  It's hard to explain, but on that drive home I recognized that I am starting to really understand who I am.  My true self is finally coming out.  I am finally putting the pieces together and understanding who I want to be in my life. 

Satan doesn't want us to feel good about ourselves or understand who we are. We have great talents and gifts to offer and as we grow and develop those talents and gifts we are able to do so much good.  But the adversary tries to keep us from learning and growing by telling us that we aren't good enough and discouraging us from learning and progressing.   That is why we probably spend so much of our time trying to figure out who we are. 

I watched a video just recently talking about women  and how we are trained to put ourselves down when we receive a compliment.  What would happen if you decided to change that thinking and just say thank you?  I loved this video, because it helped me to realize, that I should be grateful for my beauty, and for my gifts as well as be grateful for the beauty and gifts of others. We always look at others and compare ourselves, but we should take a moment to remember to be grateful for ourselves and for our abilities and our beauty.

Love yourself, accept yourself, because you are beautiful inside and out!

This is the video I mentioned if you are curious. :)


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