Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Building Up

Glenn Beck shared a powerful video this week that I hope all of you will take the time to watch. He has lost his voice due to paralyzed vocal chords and has shared some inspirational words through his silence.

Something I really liked about what he says in this video is that when you begin to change and to grow the people around you don't like it and begin to bash on you for trying to better yourself. I have always wondered why that is? Why would anyone want to criticize someone for trying to become a better person, to become more like Christ?

Satan seems to think he can bombard our minds with thoughts that bring anger, confusion,  hold grudges, jealousy, etc.  If we let him he will cause us to feel feelings towards even our closest friends and loved ones to tear us a part and to keep us from lifting one another.

I've noticed this same pattern in my life, the more I try to become like Christ the more people, even my closest family, seeks to tear me down and make themselves feel better. When they see me growing and stating my own opinion, trying to be better, they feel they have to defend themselves. What kind of happiness does that bring...NONE! It only brings tension. We are all striving to become better. We all have changes and goals we are trying to reach. So why not help each other and cheer on one another.

Glenn Beck has found his path and has decided to make a change in his life that will bring him great joy as he continues to do so despite what others think. I am reminded often of how Christ was treated throughout his life. He was perfect and did everything he could to serve and to love and yet he too was bombarded with people trying to tear him down. I'm sure there were many nights or days when Christ took time to be a lone so he could get away from the persecution thrown at him.

We shouldn't tear others apart because of the changes they are determined to make and will make. You can make changes too! If you strive to build others up, you will find that they in turn will build you up.

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  1. really good video. I'd not heard about Beck's throat issues. I do like him. I think he stands apart in his courage to speak the truth. Thanks for sharing this. We do need to use our words for GOOD.